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Papa and I went to the hardware store and got the #2 by 3/8 stainless steel machine screw for the elastic cord to tie on to hold the reed. We also bought a can of stain. I picked Colonial Maple.

Back at the house, we measured and I marked where the crew goes. Papa drilled a little hole and put the screw in. Then we took the screw back out and I stained the whole saxophone with 3 coats. After it dried, Papa found another hole in the plans we forgot about, so we used the square and the ruler to mark it. We drilled that hole and Papa did the counter-sinking with a bigger drill. He had to be really careful not to go all the way through or make any splinters. We touched the hole up with more stain. Then I put Treewax on the whole thing. Papa had to do the polishing because he had to push hard to buff the wax.

Then we put the screw back in and I helped Papa tie the knots because his fingers were too fat. Then we put the reed back in. We tried everything, but it made NO SOUND! Papa said since there was no sound, it could only play on the rests, and I said it should be called "The quiet saxophone"

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