The Kleenex Box Ukulele

by Hunter T.


My instrument is called, "The Kleenex Box Ukulele." I made it myself. The tools I used included a Kleenex box, paper towel roll, rubber bands, knife, hot glue gun and camouflage spray paint that my dad had around the house.

I took the empty Kleenex box and cut 5 slits on each side   with the knife to hold the rubber bands in place. I picked rubber bands different in widths and placed them around the Kleenex box.

I hot glued the paper towel roll to the end of the box. After everything was put together I spay painted my Ukulele with camouflage pray paint. 

After it dried my mom had a pick that she gave to me too strum my Ukulele with. I can make my dynamics loud by strumming hard. I can make my dynamics soft by strumming softly. To change the pitch I strum different rubber bands to make pitches high or low. The timbre of my instrument sounds "twang".