The Rocken' Box Guitar

By: Donelda L.

My instrument is called "The Rocken' Box Guitar". I first researched on the internet to find an idea. When I found one, I knew it was time to gather my supplies.

I got a shoe box from the recycling bin. I put the box on the counter and drew a square in the center of it. Then my mom traced the square with an X-acto knife to cut it out. When my mom was done cutting I went upstairs to get wrapping paper. The wrapping paper has holly leaves on it.

After wrapping the box, I got rubber bands. There were two white ones, two red ones and one yellow one. I put the rubber bands around the box and over the sound hole. At first it was hard to hear the pitch of the rubber bands because they kept hitting the body of the guitar. My brother helped me hold them in place while my mom stapled them securely. Then their pitch was more clear. I covered the staples with construction paper so it would look nicer. When I strummed the hard it made a loud sound. When I strummed it lightly it made a soft sound, that's my dynamics. You can tell the timbre between my guitar and a drum because you can hear the "strings" strum like a guitar.

The first white rubber band has a high pitch. The second rubber band is red - - it has a high pitch. The third rubber band is white - - it has a low pitch. The fourth rubber band is yellow - - it has the lowest pitch on my guitar. The fifth rubber band is red - - it has the highest pitch on my guitar.

It was fun to make a shoe box turn into a guitar.