The Kool Blue Kazoo
By Jaden
My Kazoo is called "The Kool Blue Kazoo." I first researched insruments on the internet. I thought the Kazoo was the easiest and the most different. That is why I did the Kazoo.
My dad found an empty toilet paper roll and wax paper. I got the rubber bands and my sister found some markers and crayons in a art kit.
I started by using scissors to poke a hole at the end of the roll. Then I grabbed the art kit and started to decorate. I used the colors blue, purple, and green. Then I grabbed a rubber band out of the bag. I cut out a piece of wax paper into the shape of a circle. Then I put it around the roll using a rubber band to hold the wax paper on.
The pitch of the Kazoo can be high or low. I made the pitch high by tightening my mouth. I made the pitch low my loosening my mouth. To make the dynamic loud I blew into it hard and to make the dymanic soft I blew into it lightly. You can tell the timbre between a flute because a kazoo has more of a vibrate sound then a flute.
I had a fantastic time making my kazoo!!