The Animal Skin Drum

By: Kaylee

First I thought of an instrument.  My dad helped me think of it.  Then I decided: “a drum”. 

I laid out some animal skins that my dad said I could have.  I got a coffee can out and wrapped deer skin on the top of it.  I had to find a way to hold it on.  I tried string, it didn’t work so well.  I asked for my dad’s help.  He gave me the idea to use “zipties”.  I looked around the garage and found them. 

My dad helped me cut the deer skin, because it needed to be cut with a sharp knife.  I made some holes in the drum base with a hammer and a nail. I pulled the zipties through the holes and connected the deer skin to the drum base.  Then I took the raccoon skin and put it around the drum.  Zip ties would not work on the raccoon skin so I used glue. 

My drum took about an hour to make.  After the glue dried, my drum was finished.

Sound is produced when the top is tapped.  The sound characteristics can be changed three different ways.  First, when the drum is tapped hard it has a loud dynamic.  When the drum is tapped lightly it has a soft dynamic.  Second, when them drum is tapped on the edge, the pitch is high.  When the drum is tapped in the middle, the pitch is low.  The timbre sounds like a Native American drum.