The Antler Stick

By Rodney



My instrument is called The Antler Stick.  My Dad helped me on the cutting of wood.  We got the tree branch in the woods.  I screwed the branch onto a board.  Then we put on deer antlers that we put on a skull form that my Dad had in his shop.  Then I got two more antlers and tied them on the branch with twine.   

I wanted to make it look nice so I put some deer leather on it.  My Dad poked holes in it so I could put twine through the holes and then tie them.  We covered the bottom stand in leather too and stapled it on.  It took about one hour to get everything cut and screwed.

Sound is made by tapping or striking.  Its Timbre is clinky and noisy.  If I hit the wood hard I can make Loud Dynamics.  If I hit the wood soft or hit the leather it makes Soft Dynamics.  I can change the Pitch by hitting the wood or the leather or by hitting the other antlers.  If I hit the wood or leather I make a Low pitch.  If I hit the antlers I make a High pitch.