The Flute-A-Phone

My Mom and I went to Menards and got boards and screws for the frame.    We also bought the pvc pipe and paint for the body of the instrument. Then we went to Joanne's Fabrics for dowel rods and wooden balls and glue for the mallets.   

My mom showed me how to use the drill to put the flute a phone  together.  My mom and I then put the dowel rods and wooden balls together with wood glue, and when it dried I spray painted them. That took three days of painting and drying over and over.

There are two ways to make sound with my instrument.  Sound is made on the fiute-a-phone first by hitting the mallet on thetubes. The second way to make sound is to blow into the end of the tubes.

To make Loud Dynamics on the Xylophone part of my instrument I hit the mallets harder on the tubes.  To make Softer DynamicsI hit the mallets softer on the tubes. To change the Pitch, I hit different tubes.

For the flute part, Loud Dynamics are made by blowing harder through the tubes. Softer Dynamics are made by blowing softer.   Pitch is changed by moving to a different tube.