The Jay-ngle Bell Tree
By Shelby 
     My instrument is called “The Jay-ngle Bell Tree.”  My Uncle Jerry helped me make it.  My Uncle Jerry had all the supplies and tools needed to make my instrument besides the bells.  I got the antique bells and signature “Shepherd Blue Jay” from my Gram.  My Mom bought the blue and gold bells at JoAnn Fabrics.
       I went to my Uncle Jerry’s house to make my instrument.  My Mom documented the process by taking pictures (see attached photos).  Uncle Jerry and I went into his backyard to pick out the right branch from one of his trees.  I stood on a ladder and with a mini saw, cut the branch off the tree.  I then spray painted the branch with gold spray paint.  While it dried, my Uncle Jerry showed me how to find the center of my platform (the wooden base for my bell tree).  I did this by measuring with a ruler/leveler.  I then drilled a hole in the center of the wooden platform.  I sanded the platform next. My Uncle Jerry then helped me attach the base of the branch to the platform by drilling a screw in to it

       It then started looking like a tree!  Next, I started attaching various sized bells to the branches using thin wire.  I also attached a “Shepherd Blue Jay” on one of the branches.  When all the bells were attached, I painted the platform navy blue.  To add a little “bling”, I dusted the freshly painted platform with gold glitter.  That was my favorite step!

     I used a drum stick to tap the bells.  The larger bells create a Loud Dynamics.  The smaller bells create a Soft Dynamic.  To change the Dynamics, I tapped lightly on the bells for a Soft Dynamics and harder on them for a Loud Dynamics.  I can change the Pitch by tapping on the smaller bells to make a Higher Pitch or the larger bells for a Lower Pitch.  Also, to create a different sound entirely, I can simply shake the branches.  The harder I shake, the louder the Dynamics.  The Timbre of “The Jay-ngle Bell Tree” is clinkly, tinkly and sweet.  I really like my instrument and the sounds I can create with it!