The Shiny Shaker
by Ally

     I named it The Shiny Shaker because well…it’s shiny. I did this project on my own. First, I painted a salsa jar with my two favorite colors. Then I stuck my sparklers on with white paint. Then I wrote "Shiny Shaker" in the middle. And I filled it with rice. It was really easy to make. The last thing I did was paint the lid.
     You can change the pitch by tilting it upside down. It makes a high pitched sound. When you shake it normally, the timbre is dull. When you hit it with your hand, it shakes, but it also sounds hollow. To make the dynamics softer, you shake it softly side to side. To make it loud, you shake it fast and hard.

      I think it sounds soft. I love music so much. It’s fun to make, and fun to listen to.