The Silver and Gold Drum
by Spencer
     My instrument is called the ‘’Silver and Gold Drum’’. My dad helped me make it. After I designed my drums, my dad and I went to Menards to get concrete formed cardboard to make the drums. Then my dad and I went to Jo-Ann fabrics to get the materials for the drum. My dad wanted us to get a cloth called rip-stock nylon for the head of the drum while I picked out the spray paint. I picked out silver and gold spray paint.

     When my dad and I got home, I measured the cardboard and marked the length I wanted them to be. Then my dad cut them with a table saw. Then my dad spray painted them.  I also spray painted them.

     When my dad and I were done, my dad drilled holes where I wanted them. Then my dad and I went inside where it was warm so my dad and I could put the drum tops on. My dad put the holes into the cloth with grommets and stretched the cloth over the tops of the drums and put the ends of the rope through the holes on the drum from earlier, while I bolted them on the drum. When we were done with that, my dad and I screwed the finished drums on to the base drum.  It took six hours for my dad and I to build the drums.  I tested them by using Tinkertoy sticks as drum sticks.

     When I hit the drums hard, it has loud dynamics . When I want soft dynamics I hit the drums lightly. To change the pitches I hit a different sized drum. The larger drum makes a lower pitch and the smaller drums make a higher pitch. The timbre sounds like a thump and sometimes like a doink.