The Space Drum
by Amber

My instrument is called The Space Drum!!!

My Aunt Tonia and I went to JoAnn Fabric's store and bought a round box. Then we went and bought one foot of white pleather. My aunt and I got a fluorescent green paint stick.  After we got a hole punch and some beads we went and got a roll of bright pink rubber string.

Once we left and came to my house it took a few days to make the instrument.  First what we did was cut out the bottom of the box.  Then my family and I went back to JoAnn Fabric's to get another round box.  When we got back I put some of the beads in the box.  Then my dad took off the lid and had to use some of his wood glue to glue both top's on the the round box.  Then my dad glued one of the tops to the bottom, then the other one to the other side. 

We cut the pleather out to be a round circle and my dad and I started to decorate the top of the pleather with a fluorescent green paint stick and a black sharpie.  Then we got a stencil and copied a rocket and an alien and I drew some rockets and all of the planets. 

After my dad and I let it dry we got it out on the table I punched the holes in the pleather.  Then my dad wove the rubber string in and out of the holes in the pleather and I had to tighten the rubber string.  Finally we knotted it three times and I drew swirly drawings on the outside and my aunt drilled holes in the side and then i filled them with glue. That's when I knew that my instrument was done.

How the sound was produced?
Tapped and patted and hit.

How I changed the sound?
DYNAMICS: I hit my drum hard to make it loud and to make it soft i hit it lightly.

PITCH: I hit my drum on the edge of the drum and to make my drum low I hit it in the middle.

TIMBRE: It sounds flat loud soft and snappy.